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Kelly Abernethy, MSW CFSC

The path to lasting health and wellness is finding an approach that works for you in a sustainable way. With so much contradictory information regarding nutrition and fitness it's difficult to navigate a path and establish goals that lead to results.

As a wellness coach, I'm able to assess your unique needs and create a program that is customized for you. I join you in your journey to better health and help you create inspiration and energy for the process.


My approach is to support you in making a lifestyle transformation that involves both your mind and body. When engaging in our coaching relationship you will not experience deprivation or shame (both empirically demonstrated to not promote long term change.) I will work to help you develop a mindset that supports growth from a place of self-compassion.

  • I believe in body positivity and strength.
  • I believe when focus moves from purely aesthetic goals to what the body can accomplish, real change happens!
  • I believe in understanding how our experiences, societal pressure and culture have impacted our body and ideas about self.
  • I believe in enjoying all the ways we nourish and move our bodies.


I have been a therapist, social worker, women's college cross-country coach, health and wellness coach, personal trainer, nutritional consultant, athlete and mother. I completed my undergraduate work in sociology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and have a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh. I have a diploma in personal training and nutritional consultation from National Personal Training Institute and am a certified functional strength coach. I am currently in the process of becoming certified as a psychology of eating coach and in mind-body nutrition at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Diet and exercise programs often don't work because they don't address the underlying issues, both experiential and cultural, that keep individuals locked in a battle with their bodies. As an experienced therapist trained in coaching techniques, I'm able to help you explore the multiple dynamics keeping you from actualizing a sense of wellbeing and happiness with your body. When you understand your experience in a deeper way you begin to develop self-compassion. From this place of compassion, I can help you develop sustainable nourishment and movement practices that you enjoy.

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Wellness Coaching


Coaching is a collaborative process of helping an individual identify and move toward a higher potential. Together the coach and client work to understand and dismantle obstacles that impede progress. Individuals seek coaching in different areas of life. A wellness coach specializes in helping individuals and groups increase their satisfaction with emotional and physical health goals. 

One on one coaching

One on one coaching combines my experience and training as a therapist with my background in personal training and nutrition. In this process, I'm able to help you explore dynamics that keep you stuck and support you in creating an approach for sustainable change. I offer both online and in-person coaching sessions. 

Small group coaching 

I'm currently enrolling small-group coaching groups. This is an affordable way to receive coaching with the added benefit of the support and camaraderie from group members.

Heal your relationship with food and body with small group coaching

  • 99% of diets fail with in the first year
  • 91% of woman are unhappy with their bodies 
  • The average woman has 13 negative thoughts about her body per day
  • 97% of woman have at least one "I hate my body" moments per day

Are you tired of battling food and being dissatisfied with your body? Do you want to have more energy and time to give to other areas of your life? Are you looking to find a program that helps you make real and lasting change? Do you want to improve your health and wellness? 

Join me in a small group environment and explore the dynamics of your challenges with food, body and wellness. Learn the shared cultural underpinnings as well and individual contributors that often leave us stuck in our quest for improved health or wellness. Increase your understanding of what constitutes a healthy body and learn strategies to move toward lasting change.

Contact me to inquire about individual coaching or to enroll in an upcoming small group session.

Personal Training


Check back soon!

Currently updating services. Contact me for more information.


KBluefFit * Strength and Empowerment * Body Image * Mind-Body Nutrition

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